WordPress White Screen of Death

You wake up one morning and ready for work and you discover that your WordPress website is down, all you see is a blank page!! What do you do? No need to panic read more to find out how you can fix this issue and get your website up and running again.



1. Go into your FTP program or Cpanel and locate the wp-login.php file and change the line from false to true define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); This will allow you to debug your website issue and see why it is not working.




2. After you upload the login file with the line change, refresh your web browser and you will see the errors that will appear. In this case it looks like the plugins are not compatible with the most recent upgrade to WordPress.


3. Next step is to locate the plugins with the issues within your FTP program, the fix here is to change the folder name to old, this will disable those plugins. In this case the Memphis WordPress plugin and duracelltomo Google tag manager where causing this particular issue.



4.  After that go back to your web browser and refresh. Your website should now appear.




Let me know if you have had any recent issues with your website and I will help you out.


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